Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello world! Well here we go. Yet another foray into the blogging world and maybe this time it will stick.  My blogging topic certainly has.

Let me fill in a little backstory.  I am 34 years young, mom of one, wife to the most epic husband on the planet and work as a school counselor.  I am born and raised in NY and make my home in the Hudson Valley.  I run.  A lot.  Not as much as some others I follow, but more than I ever thought I would.  Because see here’s the thing, I was a NON ATHLETE growing up.  No organized sports, I hated PE class and actually used the excuse “I’m on a medication and cannot be in the sun” to get myself out of the softball unit my junior year of high school.  

Off to college I went, and while I dabbled in the occasional foray to the gym with my friends for some treadmill or elliptical time, I wasn’t committed.  I did take a really fun belly dancing class once.  But that was about it.  I ran periodically, outside and probably faster than I should have.  I’d burn out and give up.

Enter my adult life.  I worked at a yoga studio while in graduate school.  I did manage to start a fairly regular yoga practice, and got free classes to boot!  Still gave running a try every so often, and every so often it would fall to the wayside.  Move back upstate with my soon to be hubby and started building our lives and careers together.

He had some friends that decided to do a Warrior Dash just as those things were becoming popular.  He signed up, they signed up, and I agreed to spectate/hold bags/drink beer.  And so I did.  I wasn’t particularly moved by watching them but suffered a decent amount of harassment for not participating myself.  When they agreed to do it the following year, a few of the other non-participants and I agreed to do it together but we WOULD WALK.  Pinky promised, and off we went.

The next summer rolled around and that 5k Warrior Dash was staring me in the face. “We agreed to walk” I kept reminding myself.  But I hate to be embarrassed.  Don’t we all? And one of the other women was a former college swimmer, what if she was still in shape? What if she wanted to run!? So, I secretly started running.  I got myself a Couch to 5K plan and off I went.  It was slow going and frustrating but I kept going. I got out there, I did my runs, and when Warrior Day arrived I was ready!

We walked.  Up the mountain, through the course; we walked.  And then there it was! The finish line! We are RUNNING!  I still have the picture of the three of us, running across the finish line. 

And somehow…this time? It stuck.  Maybe because I realized I felt good.  Maybe because I realized it helped me de-stress and stay sane.  Maybe because I was starting to enjoy it…..and off I went.   

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