Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kingston Classic 2016

The race was April 24.  I appreciate Saturday races as it gives me an additional day to recover!  We started around 7:30.  It was about forty degrees and I had my long sleeved lulu tech shirt on, my shorts, gloves and compression socks.  In retrospect I could have done arm warmers and short sleeves because toward the end I wanted to ditch my sleeves.

My A goal was to come in under 2:20, my B goal was to come in under 2:25.  My secret impossible goal was to come in under 2:15.  If you're not familiar with the course it is very hilly at a particular point.  I've driven the route and I knew this.  I figured if I could manage the Minnewaska half, this would be okay too. Mile 8 is where I was undone.  175 feet of climbing with no reprieves.  It's a smaller race so by this point I was largely on my own.  I wanted to HUG the people halfway up that had some fun signs, and were cheering because I was dying.

My splits to that point had been in the 10s - miles 1 and 2 were in at 9s (I went out too fast...when will I learn?) and mile 8 is a 12:18mm.  It was downhill, both literally and figuratively from there.  There was a bit more climbing and a lot of self doubt.  I got into my own head and could not get out.  I was getting more and more discouraged the more I looked at my watch.


19:54 /mi9:55 /mi-5 ft 
210:22 /mi9:57 /mi50 ft 
311:12 /mi10:33 /mi47 ft 
410:37 /mi10:44 /mi-25 ft 
510:34 /mi10:47 /mi-44 ft 
610:55 /mi10:58 /mi-11 ft 
710:46 /mi10:44 /mi-2 ft 
812:18 /mi10:35 /mi175 ft 
910:57 /mi10:53 /mi-21 ft 
1011:18 /mi11:15 /mi-28 ft 
1110:56 /mi11:45 /mi-111 ft 
1211:29 /mi11:26 /mi-4 ft 
1311:35 /mi11:37 /mi-12 ft 
0.211:39 /mi11:40 /mi-2 ft 

As I hit mile 13, I heard the footfalls of someone behind me.  I hadn't seen anyone for quite some time and had no idea anyone was behind me.  It was a man, who I recognized from the start because he didn't "look" like a runner.  He looked like a weight lifter.  He said he'd been trying to catch me for two miles.  I was annoyed that he had.

He wanted to chat.  I was NOT in a chatting place.  I managed to squeak some words out but overall kept quiet.  Then we hit the track.  It was about a 50m stretch to the finish.  He picked up the pace and was going to leave me comfortably behind.  I decided that no, no he was not. And I gave it everything I had.  Some of it I did not even know I had.  The announcer noticed and started talking about my effort to close the distance - which alerted my target.  He saw me, and kicked a little harder.  He managed to cross the finish line just before me.  His time was 2:25:46 and mine was 2:25:47.  My Garmin had me in at 2:23:45, but my official time was the 2:25.

My two best guys were at the finish waiting for me.  That instantly made me happy.  I was happy that I had pushed hard at the end.  I was disappointed I hadn't pushed harder miles 8-13.  I had done some negative splitting on my training runs, but these hills just did me in.  Overall, I am very proud of myself.  I ran all winter, I followed a training plan, and I did improve my half time by quite a bit from Providence.  Overall, a win I say!

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