Monday, July 4, 2016

Quick Recap of the Year

Last summer is when I really decided to get back into training.  I joined a challenge group hosted by the AMR crew to train for a 10k.  My goal was sub 60.  I was consistent with my training and found my groove being a full time working mom, and also making time to take care of my marriage and spending time with hubby.  It is not an easy feat balancing all of those responsibilities and fitting in running!  Summer is generally easier for me because my work schedule slows down and I have more flexibility in my days.

Race day came and I was super excited.  It was a 10K a little far from me, I had to drive an hour to get there.  It was on the chillier side of things, so we decided that I'd fly solo and the guys would hang at home and wait for me to return.  The race was not meant to be.  I reached the town where the race was, and there was a bit of traffic.  I stopped for some cars in front of me and got rear-ended quite hard.  Fortunately there was no damage to either car and the woman who hit me was also racing - dressed as a bride!  Got myself parked and headed to the bus that would take us to the start.  Who wound up sitting next to me, but the bride!  We chatted a bit and passed the time to the start.  I tried to keep warm while waiting by walking around and making one last minute potty stop.

And then we were off! I knew the course would be a bit hilly, and it was two loops of a cemetery.  Have I mentioned it was a Halloween 10k?  At the halfway mark, my splits were looking great - I was probably not going to come in under an hour, but I would be close. Next thing I knew, I was across the finish! And my Garmin showed me finishing in 50:21...WHOA!

Ten minutes under my goal time? 4.9 miles.  The course was short. Significantly short.  I heard other people complaining about it on the walk back to our cars.  I was so disappointed. It took a few weeks, but I did get an email explaining the course had been marked incorrectly. Boo. On the left you see what it should have been - on the right is what it was.

A few weeks later I decided to sign up for a last minute 1/2 at Lake Minnewaska.  I figured my 10K training would carry me. And it did - I ran this SUPER hilly (think mountains) course in 2:29 with 1,000 feet of elevation climb.  I ran the middle part of the race with a few other women and we chatted a bit.  It was a beautiful course, on a beautiful day.  I was happy with my time and overall performance.  It was a super challenging run and I hung in there.  That shot is from close to the finish line where a spectator yelled "only one more lap!" at me as I went by and made me laugh.

I decided to train through the winter for a spring half, hoping to improve my time some more.  How did that go? Stay tuned!

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