Monday, September 26, 2016

Whoops, here I am!

Okay folks, I fell off the grid. Way off. And I've been training this whole time, I promise!  And I am exhausted.  Twenty weeks is the longest I have ever trained for anything.  I am more than ready for it to be over.  I'm into my last two weeks and race day is looming before me on October 8.

This post may be somewhat of a ramble...hang in there.

I'm nervous.  Very nervous.  I don't feel like I have gotten a good deal faster than when I started with HRT.  I'm worried about how long it's going to take me to run this marathon.  I really want to finish under 6 hours, and I'd LOVE to finish in under 5:30.  I don't know if that will happen.  I don't know what I'm wearing (yet).  I didn't do enough SSSC, BOSU and bands.  I am nervous that I won't have any time at the expo - packet pickup will be fine, that's happening until 9pm the night of.  I'm worried that I am not mentally strong enough for this. I am worried I won't get enough/good sleep the night before because of my threenager.

That said, I've run 5 days a week pretty consistently - there have been weeks where it's only been 4 but even that is more than I usually run in a given week.  I have learned to use the treadmill to my advantage - and do not mind running on it most days. I've never stuck to a training plan like this before.  I've never done THIS before.  I know the race day energy is going to buoy me at times.  I know there will be runners from the AMR crowd that I am sooooo excited to see there.  My nutrition has been great for the last week and a half, and will only get better.  I have so much love and support from my family and friends.  I CAN DO THIS!

Rollercoaster, right?  Welcome to it.  I will likely have any and all of these thoughts running through my head for the next two weeks.  I cannot wait to "sleep in" after my race - a whopping 5:30 wakeup instead of the 4:15s I've been doing to get my runs in.  Though I have to say, I always feel better when I do manage to get my run done in the morning.

I've jumped on the Philly bandwagon with the AMR/HRT crew - I signed up for the half - it's 6 full weeks after my marathon, I'm hoping that's enough time to recover.  I'm not planning to do any crazy racing - just a fun run with any other BAMRs that are there for a good time!  I know for some ladies, it's their target race and I can't wait to cheer them on!

My family and friends have done an amazing job of supporting me and donating to my EMC fundraiser - I cannot thank them enough!

I'd also like to take a second and thank my dear husband for the time and sacrifice it has taken to support me through this journey.  Once upon a time I said I'd never want to run a marathon - open mouth, insert foot - but when I changed my mind, he was nothing but supportive.  It has not been easy.  It's meant many early weekend mornings on child wrangling duty, with the added plus of having no television because "it's broken" AKA our child turns into a cyclops when it comes on.  He has managed all of this and more.  He has supported me, hugged me, rubbed my tired legs more times than I can count.  There are times where he almost literally pushed me out the door.  I wouldn't be where I am without him and I know that having him and our boy at the finish line is going to be EVERYTHING to me at the end of this journey.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Running Into Fall

Whoops.  I fell off the blog for a bit.  Summer is busy.  BUSY y'all.  But I have been running!

I did take a week off for my LASIK procedure.  Here comes my public service announcement.  If you are considering this - do it.  I was bummed to be sidelined for a week but it is hands down, one of the best decisions I ever made.

The procedure is wacky, I won't lie.  And I was more nervous than I thought I would be; I gave myself permission to pull my parachute at any time until I was laying on the table.  They gave me a Xanax before hand and I sat for a few minutes waiting for it to kick in (wish they'd given me 2..).  It took less than 15 minutes for both eyes!  I sat in recovery for another 15 minutes and then I was headed home with my super sexy sunglasses.  I was pretty uncomfortable that afternoon and evening; watery eyes, tired and so I went to bed around 7.  I woke up the next morning and was seeing perfectly clearly.  My vision was 20/15 at the follow up that next day!  I had a regimen of eye drops I had to keep up, and no water in my eyes etc. for a week or so but that was it.  WOW! I haven't seen distance without glasses or contacts since I was 12.  It is amazing!! And totally worth the week off of training.  Because now when I run, I can see!

I was nervous about my first run back, how would it be?  I know I didn't lose fitness in just a week but I was still nervous.  Do other people find they get nervous after time off or is it just me?  My first run was an easy one, and it felt great!  It was on the treadmill because of the weather.  My long run a few days later was not as great but that was largely because of lack of sleep.  I got it done, and am proud of that.  And so amazed that I can see so clearly!  My runs over the summer had been largely blurry because I wasn't wearing my contacts at all so it is a huge difference.

This week coming up is the first week of school here which is notoriously nutty for me in my world.  I am determined to keep up my routine - even if it means some 4:30am wakeups.  I find that I am much more likely to get my runs in first thing in the morning, but it also means I need to be diligent about bedtime.  Now if only the toddler would cooperate!

Also - I am dedicating my miles for the fall to fundraising for Every Mother Counts.  It is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  One of my other passions is maternal health and empowerment.  Childbirth is one of the leading causes of death of women world wide. Many women do not have easy access to pre and post natal care.  An investment in our mothers and babies is an investment in our own future.  

Here's a link to my fundraiser:  Every Mother Counts