Thursday, April 6, 2017

And for my next trick

So Philly was over...what now?  I still felt strongly about "never again" on the marathon. But I also have dreams of a sub 2 hour half.  Perhaps I'd work on that.

I registered for a local half in May that I ran last year and enjoyed despite it's (not so) rolling hills.  One hill was NOT rolling. It was steep. This year, I'll be ready.

I don't expect that I'll sub 2 this one - I'm not trained to, but I am training to come in under my current PR of 2:25.  A 2:15 is a realistic possibility.

One thing that I am often lacking is strength training.  So I signed up for the AMR traditional half plan and have been incorporating their strength as much as possible and also some kettlebell work.  Mostly swings and dead lifts.  My plan right now is to race in the spring.  Take a little time off of training and put some serious time into building my strength: May-July and then pick up training for the fall.

I've not decided on what to do for the fall race-wise.  I'm looking for something fast and flat-ish.  To keep working toward that sub 2 goal.  I have some options in my immediate area but am also open to travelling.  I don't know that I'll make it back to Philly in 2017, it may be a last minute decision.

I ran this weekend with some local Oiselle volee' and it was great! I am not at all accustomed to running with others, or talking while I run.  They were speedy and I had to PUSH, but I appreciated their chatting at me while I ran.  The wind was NO JOKE. We ran over the Walkway and back - coming back was brutal.  But we ran 10 miles in 1:46 - my fastest 10 ever.

Lesson?  I need to work on pushing myself when I am solo.  I ran that ten, didn't feel totally trashed but had to work at it.  I have to get out of my comfort zone if I'm going to meet my goals.  I really appreciate the lesson that long run taught me!

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