Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boston Marathon Documentary

The last two evenings I have been on the couch watching Marathon, the documentary about the Boston Marathon Bombing and some of it's victims. So, the last two evenings I've also been in tears.  It is a powerful, well done documentary.  I hesitate to say "good" because while it is well done and worth watching, it is so very heartbreaking.

As a runner and a woman, safety is often on my mind when I run - I've addressed that in the past on this blog.  However, I have to admit that safety at a race absolutely never enters my mind.  I assume that I have nothing to worry about during a race, that the race directors and support staff are there to ensure everything goes smoothly.  It doesn't occur to me that other people would want to cause harm - or it didn't prior to the bombing.

When I ran Hartford last October I was surprised and unsettled by the heavy police and military presence.  I didn't mind that they were there, and was pleased that security was a priority. But it is startling to see guys in body armor, with their dogs - one of whom came dangerously close to my butt while I was sitting in the grass! - and various equipment.  It's a sad reminder of Boston and the tragedy that was the bombing.  It's changed how big races are run, orchestrated and executed.

I really cannot wrap my mind around what that day must have been.  It was difficult to watch the documentary with the scenes from the aftermath of the bombs.  So many people with such grave injuries.  Lives changed forever in a split second.  My heart breaks for those families that have struggled to regain a sense of normalcy since.  Because while it is out of the headlines, they are still to this day dealing with the aftermath.  They will always be dealing with the fallout and the changes to their lives.

Boston was always a bucket list item for me, and now even more so. I feel like I want to run it to pay homage to those who've suffered, to run when they can't, to show the world that they can't take away our will to run; we will not be silenced by fear.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to qualify, but it's definitely a long term goal of mine. And certainly to go and spectate, at the very least.  I am inspired by those who were affected by the bombing, and I know I will carry them in my thoughts during my runs.


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