Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marathon Monday

Watching the Boston Marathon always get me so emotional.  I cannot imagine what running that course must feel like.  Well, maybe a little bit I can. I certainly fantasize about it.  The crowd support looks AMAZING.  I tend to run smaller, less populated races and I think I miss out on the boost from the crowds.  My half in May is largely a quiet race, small field and limited cheering.  Sometimes, you  need that cheering..lemme tell ya.

Anyway. Boston. Yes, it is a wild fantasy of mine. Is it a possibility? Who knows. First I need to get a marathon under my belt where I run it, and finish it in the course time allotted.  It still stings that I can't search my results for Hartford because I finished after the cut off and it's not recorded. So - that first.

I firmed up my plans - race in May. Maybe run a few smaller races over the summer - XC series etc. and strength train all summer. Half training starts again in June/July and a hard push to October when I'll run the Mohawk Hudson Hannaford Half marathon.  I haven't settled on a training plan yet, but I am leaning toward AMR Half Marathon Race plan.  I want a plan that's going to push me a little bit outside my comfort zone - I am learning I need to do that more often so that I get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I know that I am capable of more, and I want to see that. So that's my plan. And then after the half in the fall, maybe I'll train for a spring marathon. That will depend on how my half goes - and whether I want to push for a PR with another half, or change course and pursue the marathon distance again.  Living in the Northeast I have access to so many great races, I'm excited for the opportunity to choose what comes next.

A little aside - yesterday's run was brutal.  I feel like my legs haven't recovered  from this weekend's long run which was a hard one.  I met the local volee' ladies again and we ran up a mountain.  It was hard, and I walked a lot. I could've used more sleep and probably more fuel. We climbed 1400 feet, and the group split up on the way down the mountain; I felt like I was holding them back and was fine to go it alone for a bit. It took me much longer than I would have liked but I finished it.

Mentally it was a tough one for me - I wanted to quit, I considered asking Greg to pick me up at the Gatehouse. I wanted to quit running forever; forget about the half in May, forget all of it! I had a real emotional temper tantrum.  I didn't quit though, I kept going even if I had to walk and I finished that darn run. Isn't it funny the headspace we can get in to? I want to learn how to get myself out of it more quickly, or better. One step at a time, right?

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