Saturday, May 13, 2017

Half Marathon Number Six!

My race is done! It's so incredibly satisfying to say that.  Was it the race I had hoped for? Not entirely. However, given the conditions of the day I am absolutely satisfied with my performance.

The forecast for the last week has been rain. Not showers, not intermittent rain, but rain...steady, growing stronger as the day progressed.  I checked the weather like a maniac.  Weather obsession was further fueled by my coworker who was also checking because her kids' birthday party was scheduled for the same day - outside.

You know how sometimes the weather folks predict something and then it doesn't happen and we're all over them about it?  Not this time. They had this 100% correct; much to my dismay.  So when I got home Friday from work I set about preparing myself for the race. Which included hacking a black garbage back up to serve as a pseudo poncho.  Note: this was harder than it looked and it took me 3 tries to get the holes in the right places.

 Here I am in all my garbage bag glory!! My plan was to wear it for as long as necessary.  I've never run with a garbage bag before so I wasn't sure whether or not I could stand it.  Planning my outfit was a bit of an ordeal as well.  Shorts? Capris? Tank with arm warmers? Long sleeves? I did not want to be cold, but I also did not want to be too warm!! I wound up going with my new Roga Skirt - I broke the "no new gear on race day" rule but having run in my Roga shorts plenty, I wasn't disappointed.  I wore a tank on top, but wound up throwing my Bad Ass Mother Runner long sleeved shirt over it which was a really good idea.  Gloves. Hat. Ear warmers.

I got to the fairgrounds with about an hour to spare - checked in, sat in the car for a bit and then watched the marathoners head out.  Back to the car to get my gloves - SUCH a good call - and the rest of my stuff. And discovered that I left the adapter for my headphones AT HOME. See, husband and I just got new phones - yay Iphone 7! - and my Yurbuds fit my old phone.  Apple included an adapter which I had pulled out of the box and set on the table near my spike bag. And that's where I left it. NO MUSIC!!! I had carefully curated a speedy playlist just for this race.  I was super bummed.  Hubby offered to bring it to me, but that's bananas.  I am a big girl, I can run without tunes.  I ranted to my BAMR pals and the well wishes rolled in and quickly changed my mood.  I was mildly concerned about whether or not my new hair would drip on my clothes as the color is a glaze and still washing out of my hair, but it didn't!

My secret goal was a 2:15.  I printed a pace band for myself and hoped to run 10:30 splits the first half, and then 10:05ish the second half.  I wasn't super ambitious about this because I know this course is super duper hilly and then with the rain on top of it, I was going to be happy with whatever happened.

After singing happy birthday to the race director's nephew (SO CUTE!) we were off! It was a steady, steady rain from the beginning.  My four splits were pretty good, not exact but close enough to keep me happy.  Mile 5 was slower - thanks hill number one - and mile 6 fell back into place.  But then the hills really start.  I knew 7-9 was climbing. And oh baby, was it ever. I actually felt really strong until about mile 9.  I had tucked in with a group of women, and just listened to their feet. I did a lot of counting steps.  Anything to keep my mind busy and my legs moving.

I just couldn't keep it up though.  Miles 10-13.1 were my slowest.  I took more walk breaks than I wanted and started fantasizing about quitting.  I finally let that go and managed to to get into a better head space but I knew my goal wasn't happening.  I just wanted to finish as strong as possible and smiling.  Also, the rain - at this point I was cold, my legs felt mildly crampy and my clothes weighed five bazillion pounds.  I was actually trying to wring myself out as I ran - but there wasn't much happening.  My toes were squishing in my shoes and I was soooooooo ready to be done!  As I approached the last half mile or so, the police officer was holding up huge lines of traffic. I picked it up the best I could and managed not to walk any of that stretch. No pressure!!

I crossed the finish line with a smile, grabbed some oranges, thanked one of the ladies I ran with - she ran in sandals! - and headed to the car.  Changed in the backseat because I was headed to the aforementioned birthday party.  Hung out there for a bit, came home and took the hottest shower I could stand and dropped onto the couch.

Was it my best race? No. I ran the same course last year a few minutes faster. I did not train for hills this time, and I let the head games get to me. That said...I ran 13.1 miles in the pouring rain, without music and I FINISHED. I could've decided to skip it entirely, but I didn't. So I am going to relax and enjoy my post-race glow in my really comfy race t-shirt!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rain, rain go away!

Forecast for Saturday's goal race is 100% rain and a high of about 53.  Race time predictions are 75% chance of rain and about 48 degrees.  OOF.  I've never run a race in the rain before.  I've done some runs in the rain, but not a steady rain and typically not a cold rain.

WAAAAAAAAAAAH! That's me whining.  Maybe I'll be motivated to finish it faster and keep my pace on point because it'll be so effing cold and wet?

Not running this race is not an option for me. I've paid for it. I've trained for it. It's just a little rain. That said, I am working on wrapping my head around how unpleasant it will be if it's a steady rain for 13.1 miles.

I'm making my list of must haves for Saturday. Going to Scotch Guard my shoes tonight so they'll dry in time. Garbage bag/poncho. Gloves. Hat. Sunglasses? Ziplock bag for my phone. BODY GLIDE. And dry clothes - because after I finish I'm off to a birthday party!

Right now I'm thinking about how I'll warm up - it's going to be in the rain. But I'll do it. I WILL DO IT!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Taper Begins!

Two weeks to my race! Taper has officially begun. This week's workouts aren't drastically different from the others, though slightly lower mileage. Monday was a circuit run - I've been doing those on the treadmill lest my neighbors things I'm a total nutter for doing pushups in the street. I did that workout in my new Oiselle Mac Roga's and Pleat tank. LOVE their stuff. So super comfy, flattering and I'll wear anything in the Snap color!  I had to resist buying some more stuff when they extended the Nee day sale!
Fly Style head to toe!

The sky at the end of my run.

Last night was an easy 3 miles around the neighborhood. It was beautiful out - windy but also warm enough for shorts and a light top.  I went for as many DayGlo colors as possible.  My Pro Compression socks that I love and a bright pink top from Athleta I've had for a while.  I also clipped one of my blinking lights to my back.  It was light when I left the house but as you can see, it was getting dark once I was finishing up.  I ran most of the 3 with no music because the wind kept blowing my cord around and it was annoying.  I got home to discover the toddler had escaped his bed and was camped on the couch.  We've been having bedtime struggles for months now. He gets scared and leaves his bed to come into ours.  We haven't put our foot down about it because he's so genuinely upset but it is beginning to get old....this too shall pass right?

ALL the bright colors please!
I am mildly worried that all of the treadmill running I've done this training cycle are going to be problematic during my race.  More of my runs have been outside lately but my strength and confidence during those runs have been hit or miss.  Sunday's long run was shorter than planned but I pushed really hard and felt great.  I found myself frequently looking down at my watch and seeing 9:46.  My average pace was 10:26 which is outstanding.  If I can do that next weekend I'll be super pleased.  I pushed the 8th mile to a 9:54 which tells me I still had gas in the tank. If I can get my head in the game and race well my plan is to leave it all on the road. EMPTY THE TANK.

 Last night's run felt a bit more sluggish and didn't leave me feeling super confident.  I also wore new shoes last night - my new Saucony Ride 9's and I like them! Though I have to put my own insoles in - my toes started to tingle about 1.5 miles in. I may also have tied them too tight. We'll see.  I am undecided about what shoes I'll race in - these, my HOKA's or my Saucony Triumphs.  I really need to make that decision....

For me the race is so much of the mental game.  That is my weakness and I give myself permission to quit physically because my brain gets in the way.  I have been listening to the wonderful Kelly Roberts which helps tremendously.  Her chats with Dr. Bob are super insightful and so much of what she says really resonates with me.  That is going to be my test.  Can I execute my race plan the way I want?  I printed out my paces and I'll have them on my arm.  I know the course, I know that miles 7-9 are uphill but if I can get through that then the payoff is down hills! My goal is not to let myself give up. To push myself all the way through to the finish line. I KNOW I can do this!