Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rain, rain go away!

Forecast for Saturday's goal race is 100% rain and a high of about 53.  Race time predictions are 75% chance of rain and about 48 degrees.  OOF.  I've never run a race in the rain before.  I've done some runs in the rain, but not a steady rain and typically not a cold rain.

WAAAAAAAAAAAH! That's me whining.  Maybe I'll be motivated to finish it faster and keep my pace on point because it'll be so effing cold and wet?

Not running this race is not an option for me. I've paid for it. I've trained for it. It's just a little rain. That said, I am working on wrapping my head around how unpleasant it will be if it's a steady rain for 13.1 miles.

I'm making my list of must haves for Saturday. Going to Scotch Guard my shoes tonight so they'll dry in time. Garbage bag/poncho. Gloves. Hat. Sunglasses? Ziplock bag for my phone. BODY GLIDE. And dry clothes - because after I finish I'm off to a birthday party!

Right now I'm thinking about how I'll warm up - it's going to be in the rain. But I'll do it. I WILL DO IT!

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