Monday, June 12, 2017

Holding Pattern

Summer has arrived. Today's high is a balmy 93 and we were already nice and toasty at 5am when I got up to run.  I've got two weeks until my race plan starts so this morning was part of the holding pattern in my plan.  I have been inconsistent for the last month since my race, but I needed the break.

Despite having gone to bed later than I would have liked, I felt relatively awake when my alarm went off at 4:45. I was out the door by 5am for an easy two miles.  I wore my Oiselle Roga skirt for extra motivation - I love it so much!
Roga skirt, Oiselle Hoka's, and flyout tank.
 With some art work a'la the toddler!

I did a couple of loops around the neighborhood and headed inside for the shower.  The hubby and I are also starting 30 days of the Wild Diet (Abel James) today.  Breakfast was coffee with some MCT oil and heavy cream.  Lunch will be around noon - some egg muffins and dinner will be macadamia encrusted cod with veggies. I can't wait for the cheese and fruit for dessert!

We've gone Wild before - and both felt great. My hope is that this is going to be something we just transition into full time - way of life and all.  We have access to good farms with pastured meats and tons of vegetables there really is no excuse not to do it all the time!

Short post today - but stay tuned! For sure I will be checking in here more often. In two weeks I start my Train Like A Mother Club RACE plan for my fall 13.1! I have my eyes on a big PR and I'm taking y'all along for the ride!